Statement of Publicity and Consultation



This statement describes the measures taken by the Peak District National Park Authority and its forerunner the Peak Park Joint Planning Board to publicise, and invite comment upon, the Local Plan for the Peak National Park, and the consultations that have been undertaken. It is published under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Development Plan) (England) Regulations 1999.


Work on the Local Plan began in 1994 following completion of the Structure Plan. It was finally completed and adopted in 2001. In accordance with the Regulations, there was full public consultation at 4 stages: the Framework Document, the Draft Plan, the Deposit Draft Plan, and on Modifications and Direction.


At each stage:


copies were placed on deposit in 4 locations (Bakewell, Glossop, Leek and Macclesfield);


formal Notices were placed in 9 local newspapers serving the National Park and surrounding areas, and in the London Gazette;


approximately 300 copies of the documents were sent to statutory consultees and close partners, including local authorities and parish councils in and around the Park, Rural Community Councils, land and conservation interest groups, sport and recreation interest groups, privatised and public bodies, Government departments and statutory undertakers, disability groups, interest groups concerned with tourism, transport, commercial and employment issues, housing and mineral extraction, together with the other 10 National Park Authorities and the 10 Members of Parliament with constituencies wholly or partially within the Park;


letters and copies of the Notice were sent to all those who had previously expressed a written interest in the Plan;


copies of the documents were placed in 41 public libraries in and around the Park;


each response was separated into specific comments on paragraphs and policies in the Plan, was summarised and logged onto a computer database. Each comment received individual consideration, and was taken into account in modifying the Plan. The reaction to each comment was summarised on the log, and alterations to the text noted;


the main issues arising from the consultation process were reported to the Authority or former Board, together with the action taken;


all objectors received a full reply to their concerns.


The Framework Document


The Framework Document was published for public consultation in June 1995 for a period of 8 weeks. In practice, responses were received and recorded for a further 2 months.


A summary leaflet was distributed by post to virtually every address within and around the edge of the Park. Leaflets were also widely distributed with all publicity and handed out at public meetings. In total, over 32,000 leaflets were distributed. Press releases were issued and contact made with the local press. 91 copies of the Framework Document were sold to members of the public on request.


Local Plan events were held in 8 locations (Bradfield, Warslow, Youlgreave, Tintwistle, Kettleshulme, Parwich, Bamford and Baslow) during June and July 1995, so that the public could speak informally to Members and officers about the Local Plan subjects and procedure. Approximately 400 people attended the meetings, which were publicised via the summary leaflet, press releases and through Parish Councils who were each sent a publicity pack.


About 600 individual comments were received from over 100 respondents.

The Draft Plan


The Draft Proposals Map was available for public consultation from May to July 1996. Again, approximately 32,000 summary leaflets were distributed by post to addresses in the Park. 61 copies of the Draft Map were sold to people who expressed interest.


10 public exhibitions were held in locations throughout the National Park (Kettleshulme, Bradfield, Warslow, Waterhouses, Baslow, Holme, Bakewell, Youlgreave, Parwich and Bamford). Members and officers were available to talk about the Draft Proposals Map and the process of its development and adoption. More than 640 people attended these meetings. The bulk of comments regarded the clarity, scale and graphical representation of the Map rather than the principles and extent of policy coverage.


The Draft Local Plan text was distributed for pre-deposit consultation to Parish Councils, Districts, Counties and other interested parties in June-July 1996. Approximately 200 copies were sold to the public and professional agents.


72 points were raised concerning the Draft Proposals Map, by 20 respondents. Over 1,500 individual comments were received from over 250 respondents in consultation on the Draft Local Plan text.


Traffic and transport issues were of significant local concern in the Hope Valley. Castleton Parish Council arranged an additional public meeting which officers attended to answer local concerns. An explanatory letter was sent to all addresses in the Hope Valley, Edale and Bradwell areas.

The Deposit Local Plan


The former Board placed its preferred Plan on deposit in March 1997 for a period of 6 weeks. In total almost 600 objections were received covering over 800 individual points, together with 150 supporting representations.


Where representations were not clear, enquiries were made to seek clarity. Some were general expressions of dissatisfaction rather than about the Plan itself, and the new Authority (from April 1997) did not treat these as objections to the Plan. The full summary of representations was placed with the deposit material.


Before the Local Plan Inquiry, the Authority proposed changes to the Plan in relation to a number of objections. These were placed on deposit at the end of October 1997, formally advertised, and a 6 week period was allowed for response. They attracted 47 additional comments that were considered by the Inspector.


The Local Plan Inquiry took place between 3 February and 23 April 1998. The Report of the Inspector, Mr M. Bingley, was received by the Authority at the end of September 1998. In this he considered all submissions and evidence to reach his conclusions, and gave reasons for his recommendations.


After considering the Inspector's Report, the Authority decided whether to accept or reject each of his recommendations. Only 14 out of 300 recommendations were rejected.

Modifications and further modifications


In accordance with the regulations, the Authority prepared a statement of decisions on each of the Inspector's recommendations (with reasons), proposed modifications, and a list of recommendations not accepted by the Authority. These were placed on deposit in August 1999 for a 6-week consultation period, together with a complete modified text.


61 objections were received about these first modifications. In response, further modifications were proposed by the Authority and placed on deposit in May 2000. A further 22 objections and 12 representations of support were received. After full consideration, the Authority decided not to make any further modifications.


In August 2000 a Direction was received from the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, requiring changes to be made to policies for conserving and managing the Natural Zone and for the disposal of waste by landfill at new sites. In November 2000, the Authority placed further modifications on deposit to meet these requirements. Two objections were received, but following negotiation, these issues were resolved.


The Authority adopted the Local Plan and it became effective on 30 March 2001.

List of consultees

Local Authorities


Derbyshire County Council
Staffordshire County Council
Cheshire County Council
Derbyshire Dales District Council
High Peak Borough Council
Macclesfield Borough Council
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
North East Derbyshire District Council
Sheffield City Council
Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
East Staffordshire District Council
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Parish and Community Councils

(All Parish Councils and Meetings whose areas lie partly or wholly within the Park (115))


Rural Community Councils: Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire Parish Council Associations: Macclesfield, Staffordshire Moorlands, Staffordshire
Derbyshire Association of Local Councils

Land and conservation interests


National Farmers' Union
Rural, Agricultural & Allied Workers' Association
Country Landowners' Association
Forest Enterprise
English Nature
English Heritage
National Trust
Council for the Protection of Rural England
Council for National Parks
County Wildlife Trusts: Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire
Yorkshire Naturalists Union
Peak Park Wildlife Action Group
Butterfly Conservation (Cheshire & Peak District Branch)
High Peak Livestock Society
Civic Societies: Blackbrook, Bakewell & District, Eyam, Holme Valley, Longdendale, Youlgreave
Peak Park Trust
Friends of the Earth
Chatsworth Settlement Trust
Historic Buildings Trusts: Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Hallamshire
Rural Buildings Preservation Trust
Open Spaces Society
Hunter Archaeological Society
Derbyshire Archaeological Society
Derbyshire Archaeology Advisory Committee

Sport and recreation interests


Greater Manchester Countryside Unit
Sport England, East Midlands Region
Ramblers' Association: National, South Yorkshire & NE Derbyshire, Stockport, Staffordshire, Derbyshire
Peak & Northern Footpaths Association
Hope Valley Access Committee
Land Rover Club
British Horse Society
National Caving Association
Derbyshire Caving Association
British Mountaineering Council
Sheffield & District Clay Target League

Privatised and Public Bodies, Government Departments and Statutory Undertakers


Government Office (Environment, Transport, Trade & Industry): East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside
Countryside Agency: North West, Midlands
Highways Agency
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food
Rural Development Commission: East Midlands, West Midlands
Regional Development Agencies
English Partnerships
Department of Employment
Ministry of Defence Estate Organisation
National Grid Company
East Midlands Electricity
Yorkshire Electricity
Midlands Electricity
British Telecom
National Power
Oil and Pipelines Agency
Department of Energy
Severn Trent Water
Yorkshire Water
North West Water
Environment Agency: Upper Trent, Lower Trent
British Gas
British Gas Transco
East Midlands Arts
Royal Mail
Civil Aviation Authority
Crown Estate Commissioners
Health & Safety Executive
Department of Education & Science
British Waterways Board
Commission for Racial Equality
Equal Opportunities Commission
Church Commissioners
Trent Regional Health Authority
N Derbyshire Community Health Care Services

Disabled persons' groups


Derbyshire Centre for Integrated Living
Derbyshire Association for the Disabled
Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People
British Sports Association for the Disabled
Fieldfare Trust

Tourism and accommodation interests


Caravan Club
Camping and Caravanning Club
YHA: Peak Region
Regional Tourist Board: Heart of England, North West, Yorkshire & Humberside
Transport interests
Railtrack: Central, NW
Regional Railways: NE, NW
Peak Rail
Public Transport Executive: South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester
National Council on Inland Transport
Transport 2000
Freight Transport Association
Bakewell & Eyam Community Transport

Commerce and employment interests


Training & Enterprise Councils: Stockport & High Peak, Staffordshire, North Derbyshire, South Derbyshire, South & East Cheshire, Calderdale & Kirklees, Sheffield, Oldham
Chambers of Commerce & Industry: North Derbyshire, Derby & Derbyshire, Sheffield, Barnsley
Bakewell Chamber of Trade
Castleton Chamber of Commerce
West Derbyshire Employers Association
North Derbyshire Enterprise Agency
Market Traders Federation

Housing interests


House Builders Federation: Midlands, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside
Housing Corporation: East Midlands
Housing Associations: Northern Counties, Beth Johnson, Touchstone, N Cheshire, Peak District Rural
Rural Housing Trust
National Gypsy Council
Derbyshire Gypsy Liaison Group
Minerals interests
British Aggregate Construction Materials Industry (BACMI)
Laporte Minerals
UK Onshore Oil and Gas
National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors
Sand and Gravel Association
Buxton Lime Industries
British Cement Association

National Park Authorities (10)

Members of Parliament (10)

Members of European Parliament (6; from deposit stage)

Professional bodies


Town & Country Planning Association
The Landscape Institute



Contact has been maintained with all those who expressed a keen interest in the Local Plan.

Proposals Map